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The Manta Ray Bay Resort  -  Hotel and Yap Divers, Bill and Patricia Acker in Yap, Micronesia

Do you like diving? Do you like fishing? Do you like a real quite place to relax? Would you like to meet a special culture with the nicest people, I have met on my many travelings?

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Well, then Yap in Micronesia might be the secret tip for you!

In fall of 1999, my friend and my former flight instructor Heinz from Hawai'i called me and asked if I wouldn't like to come and work on the island of Yap in Micronesia. To make the story short: Yes, around the millennium, I ended up working at the Manta Ray Bay Hotel. - Unfortunately, I got another serious health attack at the time which made me decide to return to Switzerland. But, as stated above: The people are so friendly and nice, the place has its special beauty and all the other things are presented in the videos, embedded below.

I wish you fun, and: Maybe you will start saving to visit the unique spot on the planet, too?

This one I would call "Best of Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap". It shows a bit of everything, including the Mnuw, the unique brewery, stone money and kayaking. - I liked to sometimes take the white kayak and head for O'Keefe's Island to relax.

Video Title: The World's Best Dive Resort
Play Time: 9.55 minutes

In this shorter video, Bill Acker gives in-depth info on Yap.

Video Title: Yap's Manta Ray Bay Hotel services and amenities
Play Time: 4.51 minutes

The Mnuw is really a restaurant that is really special. I did not see it in person, yet. When I had to leave the island, Bill was just on a trip to arrange to get this boat to Yap.

Video Title: The World's Coolest Restaurant
Play Time: 5.22 minutes

When I was living in Yap, I was told that the island is very rarely hit by a typhoon. But, in the mean-time, it happed... Here, you see how strongly and the huge efforts undertaken to bring the relocated Mnuw back to its regular place.

Video Title: Skewed Schooner on The Rocks
Play Time: 9.10 minutes

For the divers among you: More on diving with Yap Divers. If you are not a diver, yet and would like to become one, I also can highly recommend to get your diver's education with Bill Acker.

Video Title: Yap diving with Bill Acker, Larry Smith, & Tim Rock
Play Time: 6.13 minutes

This, I enjoyed really a lot: Fishing in Yap's waters, the speedy rides in the channels and watching out to where the fish could be.

Video Title: Yap & Palau Sport Fishing Part 1
Play Time: 6.08 minutes

Another one on fishing with the Manta Ray Bay Hotel crew. I never forget my last fishing trip when we ended up in real strong wind and huge waves. If you should be afraid on a boat, I can assure you: Those Yapese guys really know how to handle the boat in adverse conditions. Impressing!

Video Title: Xtreme Fishing in Yap
Play Time: 5.12 minutes

Yap Day - and Yap Culture, another must see:

Video Title: Culture: Yap Day 2007 : annual event in Yap, Micronesia
Play Time: 7.20 minutes

A short and last video, I like very much. It shows what I would call: How people help people in the South Seas. Very special!

Video Title: Throwing Bottles From The Plane
Play Time: 2.47 minutes

At the end of this video page, I want to thank you, Bill and Patricia Acker for all your dear friendship and send heart-filled greetings to all the people who know me at Manta Ray Bay Hotel, Yap Divers and elsewhere on Yap Island.

Last but not least, I dedicate this page as "In Memoriam" to another very kind person who is not anymore among us: Thomas Cho.

Dear visitor, if this page's presentations lead you to the decision to maybe go and visit the Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap Divers.

Maybe this one again: You might also want to get the latest Manta Ray Bay Resort on the Facebook Fanpage.

I'd suggest: Go for it! You will be well rewarded in many regards! Enjoy your stay and time in Yap and say "Hello!" to Bill and Patricia Acker, from me and my wife, Liza, if you don't mind. Thank you!

Best Regards,

André Gauer